Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Geographica: Northern Africa

    Well, here we are and it is Tuesday.  Have you noticed the geography quiz is typically Monday's post?  Mondays are always busy here, and I'm trying to figure out how to fit it all into the available hours.  This week, the Geographica post will just have to be on Tuesday, and we'll just continue on.  I'm plotting a birthday dinner on Thursday and was helped out more than once by Epicurious in planning an Italian menu.   I'm going to attempt, with my assistant chefs: homemade gnocchi, homemade noodles, homemade sauce, roasted garlic crostini with assorted toppings, wilted spinach salad with portobello mushrooms and a double chocolate torte.  We will be busy and we will be a size larger on Friday.  Bryan will probably say it is all too much work, but I think we'll have fun.  If I wanted to get carried away, like those other homeschoolers, we would make it a mini-unit study all about Italy with maps and photos and, of course, cuisine.  I will hold myself back and simply try to accomplish dinner at 6:30 Thursday evening.  But (smile) there will be no holding back on the reigns, I'm not one of those others and if you're here looking for ideas on how to become so very other yourself, I'm afraid I will disappoint.  I should stop meandering and come to the point, if you are here looking for a geography quiz, written by a lovely 13 year old who adores her atlas, then you will be thrilled to test your knowledge with this (I think she could have at least humored me and created a quiz on Italy, but alas!):
Quiz: Northern Africa
1.  With the Straight of Gibraltar to the north and the Atlas Mountains in the south, name this country whose largest city is Casablanca.
2.  What country, that was once on the Barbary Coast, also has the Great Eastern Erg and the Ahaggar Mountains?
3.  The Valley of the Kings, the Qattara Depression, and the Aswan High Dam are in what country that was once ruled by the Ptolemaic Dynasty?
4.  The rich and powerful city of Carthage, destroyed by the Romans in 146 BC and later rebuilt, was in what country on the Mediterranean Sea that now has Tunis as its capital city?
5.  Leptis Magna is in the region of Tripolitania, and is a World Heritage Site because it is a well preserved Roman city.  Leptis Magna is in what country, also containing the Gulf of Sidra and the capital of Tripoli?


1.  Morocco
2.  Algeria
3.  Egypt
4.  Tunisia
5.  Libya

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