Monday, February 7, 2011

Geographica: Australasia and Oceania

     Geography quiz competitions are a favorite pastime around here.  Years ago it used to be that Bryan or I could easily beat Ally, using only the knowledge you accumulate after years of reading and living in this world.  Now Ally easily surpasses  us and knows all kinds of obscure details.  This weekend we had a long competition.  I was ahead of Ally by only two points when Bryan asked how many more quizzes we wanted to do.  "One," I said.  Meaning, just one more question, and a guaranteed win.  We did do one more, but it was one more quiz not one more question.  Ally surfaced as final champion.  It's good fun.  Here are two of our favorite sites for quizzes:
National Geographic Bee click on "Take the Quiz."  They post a new one every day.
Geography Bee Demystified This one is labeled "geography quizzes hard" on Ally's bookmark list.  And they are hard!
Now here's the quiz Ally has written for you this week:

1.  Shark Bay , the Kimberley Plateau, and Perth, the largest city on the western coast of Australia, are in what Australian state?

2. The Twelve Apostles are a group of small islands south of Melbourne, Australia.  Melbourne is separated by the Bass Strait from what island?

3.  Auckland and Wellington are major cities on what island belonging to New Zealand?  This island is also bordered by the Bay of Plenty and Hawke Bay.

4.  Norfolk Island, Lord Howe Island and the Coral Sea Islands belong to what country?

5.  The island of New Caledonia is just south of the Solomon Islands and is southeast of Papua New Guinea. New Caledonia belongs to what European country?

Bonus Fun:  New Zealand has lots of cool names such as:  Halfmoon Bay (a city), Fox Glacier (a city), Cape Farewell, and the Bay of Plenty.


1.  Western Australia
2.  Tasmania
3.  North Island
4.  Australia
5.  France

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