Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall Break

We are celebrating here this week. Celebrating having finished nine weeks of school. Celebrating by going to the library, enjoying lazy mornings, and lazy afternoons, and lazy evenings.

I gave a few moments of consideration to attempting a Fall Cleaning. It would have been ambitious. It would have resulted in a clean house top to bottom. It would have been a good use of my time. It would also have been a lot of work. Even mom gets worn out by the school schedule: it's very time consuming.

Instead I opted to complete one big project each day. One project I've been putting off. One project that has felt overwhelming. I will accomplish a few things I can feel good about and still have time for the library books I checked out. (I am always overly optimistic in the library.)

So far here is what I have done:
  • My living room curtains shrunk last time I washed them. I let out the hem, ironed, stitched, washed and re-hung them. It took almost all day. That's why my curtains have looked silly for so long.
  • Cleaned out the front hall closet. The shoes were piled high. Six people times five pairs (or so) each equals a disaster. Of course, there were also outgrown coats, discarded tee-shirts, books, marbles, and other detritus of life with children.
I have a long list of ideas for the last three days of the week. You see, I can't do it all. I'll dream big and pick and choose.
  • Pick more apples. Make more applesauce. Try homemade applesauce fruit leather and oven-dried apples.
  • Plant one more batch of lettuce and Swiss chard in the garden. Move a rose bush.
  • Sort through the storage boxes in one closet.
  • Sew doll clothes with Ally.
  • Paint. I have enough leftover paint to spiff up the pantry and my TV stand. But I probably only have enough time to do one.
  • Start knitting Christmas presents.
Hooray for joyful, lazy mornings, busy days and weather that allows for open windows and lots of time outside!

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