Friday, February 17, 2012

Love Note on the Wall

We're having internet issues at home. For a week or two I am packing up the computer and working in my husband's office. It is remarkable how my days change when suddenly I can't just pop on and off the internet whenever I feel like it. I think it is good for me. But I hate to admit it.

Here, beside his desk, Bryan has taped up a note from Kara. I am encouraged. She has learned at least one fact in school this year. All of our hours of work and I can claim one success. Here, in unedited glory, is her love note to Daddy:

dad I love you cant wait to see you at Lunch I miss you have a good morning your dear daugter kara
 (Just like Jhon hancock nice and big)
I may not have managed to drill into her head the right use of capital letters. Punctuation seems unknown. Spelling skills, in this student I consider my best speller, have been set aside. I could be tempted to despair.

If nothing else, she has at least learned that John Hancock signed his name with a large hand. And so does she. She signs her name with a big hand. She lives her life the same way.

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