Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Last Week

The box for our seed maze.

We had a lovely week last week. So lovely, in fact, I couldn't be bothered to blog. We took one week off Saxon math and began every day with an hour of Math-It. There were races and two timers going. There was addition and multiplication. And there was mom, begging to move on to the next activity and the kids begging for more math.

We started seeds for our garden. Today we discovered the first seedlings, just peeking above the soil. We converted a box to a plant maze. The kids dreamed of impossibly hard mazes, but aside from my concern for the plants, I was concerned for my own sanity. We have a simple design.

Arden bought wood at Lowe's and built a bedside table with Dad. A very simple woodworking project, but Arden was very proud. Now he can store all his stuff beside his bed.

Then, of course, there were coloring pages and read alouds. There were bike rides and hours of outdoors fun because the weather here has been beautiful. We've been digging in the dirt and raking leaves. We've been to the park.

And we've been falling into bed exhausted every night. A perfect spring.

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