Monday, October 10, 2011


After seeing Kurt Simonson's still life of towels on the line at the English L'Abri, I was thinking how beautiful a kitchen towel is. How beautiful simplicity is. (Wait through the funny picture of the boy...not sure why he comes up when I test that link. Then I highly recommend watching the whole slide show.) Would that I could take pictures like that, or rather had time to develop my photography skills. Reminder, I am not about still life here, I am about real life. My real life rarely holds still.

The weather allows spaghetti sauce, on the stove, all day.

But it's still warm enough for shorts and tees.

Tarantula in the drive. I would have liked a closer shot, but I do try to keep my distance from spiders that size. Though really, that's the smallest tarantula we've seen, only about 2 inches across. Fall is mating season. This is the time of year we always see them prowling.

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