Friday, September 23, 2011

For You: The Faithful Few

Okay, we're laughing here. My stats haven't gone down this whole month without a new post. You are all still peeking at this page, wondering what happened to me (although only my sister was brave enough to ask). And so, as Bryan put it, "because you won't go away" I'll keep sharing tid-bits of our days with you.

There have been a couple reasons for my silence. First, blogging  generally seems narcissistic and self-centered. A blog is like a diary and I make the enormous presupposition that you are interested. Ally and I were recently discussing Anne Bradstreet. She wrote her poems late at night, when her creative process didn't keep her from her true work (home and family), and she never intended them to be published. I find a quiet, hidden, beautiful life tremendously appealing. However, I enjoy this framing of thoughts in words and phrases, and a platform, like a blog, encourages consistency. I'll post, you read if you want, I'll try not to take myself too seriously.

Second (this is a better reason for not posting) I have been enjoying life. Real life, that is, not screen time. I haven't been writing here, nor have I been reading other blogs, not even my favorites. I've barely been checking my email, as frustrated friends might tell you. I've just been living. And it's good. Contentment is a gift.

It is far too easy to get caught up in the advice on "How To Have a Successful Blog." All that advice seems to center on a lot of time consuming activities, advertising yourself, if you will. That's not what I'm about here (or anywhere). I got worn down, it's silliness, a little short on true meaning. I think I'll skip success. I'll aim to post several days a week, and if you are one of my faithful few, enjoy it.

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