Monday, October 25, 2010

A Geography Quiz

     Ally is thirteen now.  She is all sweetness toward the Lord and her family, swims a mean 100 meter, cooks sweet potatoes like mad, and makes a white pizza that guarantees I eat too much for dinner.  Ally is so very diligent, working through her math every day, then thrills me by gushing over Geoffrey of Monmouth's History of the Kings of Britain because with each new episode he compares Biblical and English history.  She's the kind of girl I like to have around.
     Rising to the top of all other passions, is a love for geography.  She puts an atlas on her birthday and Christmas list, then the next birthday and Christmas list.  She puts those crazy books on the scale to see how weighty her reading is (the heaviest is 13 pounds) and carries them around to peruse in her free time.  Studying doubles as an upper body work out.  Before I ever wrote my first word here, I promised her a day a week to include a geography quiz.  She'll write her own questions and the answers will immediately follow, so no peeking!  Ally decided to start off nice and easy, but she'll build up to harder questions in time.  I've been working on a picture to accompany this, but it's been overcast and gray here so I'll try again next time.  Here we go...
Southern U.S. States
1.  Mobile River and Tuskegee University are in what state famous, before the 1930's, for its cotton?
2.  Mt. Magazine, the highest point at 2753 feet, and Crater of Diamonds State Park are in what US state?
3.  If you were to visit the John F. Kennedy Space Center and the Everglades National Park you would     travel to what state?
4.  The Blue Ridge Mountains are in the Tar Heel State, bordering South Carolina.  What is the name of the Tar Heel State?
5.  The Cumberland River which flows through Nashville, is the capital city of a state which was also home to Elvis Presley, a rock and roll singer.

Answers: 1.  Alabama  2.  Arkansas  3.  Florida  4.  North Carolina  5.  Tennessee

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  1. I am proud of both my writer and my cartographer. You make a good team. I can handle this level of geography. Keep up the good work!