Friday, October 22, 2010

Genuinely Ordinary

     After yesterday's post, a little follow up is appropriate.  I didn't get everything accomplished.  Yesterday's clean laundry is still folded and in the laundry basket.  Truthfully, though, sloth and laziness aren't measured only by the outcome, but by the attitude of my heart.  Just ask the mother of a two year old how hard she works compared to how many tasks she finishes in a day!  Heart examination is called for.  Yesterday I was willing to push myself a little.  Work a little longer.  Think a little more deeply.  Now I'm praying I can do it again today,  that God changes my heart from the inside out, bit by bit, over time.
     So the truth: it  never all gets done here.  I might write about that.  But I want my blog to be irrepresibly cheerful and hopeful.  I'm such a pessimist, a little optimism will do me good.  I want to remember the good.
      I live in an adult world, but I'm writing words I want even my seven year old daughter to read.  I won't be dishonest, but I'll filter so that what's found here is the good, the true and the lovely.
     No perfect people live here.  Wouldn't it be nice if they did?  But then I wouldn't fit in at all.  I won't write about their weaknesses.  Here I'll filter their lives through a lens of love.
     When I post pictures of my house, I won't show you the mess, the dishes in the sink or dust bunnies on the floor.  We have that here, in abundance.  Again, I'm looking for the lovely.  Focusing the camera in a little closer and finding the ideal.
     I'll be real.  Honest.  Genuine.   I won't exaggerate, I'll look for the good that's already there and showcase it.  But if you meet us in real life, we are so very ordinary you'd hardly notice us.

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