Friday, January 18, 2013

To Slow and Ponder

Too often I am a speed reader. Too often I speed read the Word of God. But I think God's Word is meant to be savored. His Word is meant to be meditated, pondered, and prayed over. Though I know these are not the words of any ordinary book, I find it hard to change speed when I transition from the novel to the Words of Life.

I have borrowed a tool from the kids' school days: copywork. The process of reading, remembering, and writing the Psalms helps me to slow. To ponder. To give the Word of Christ the consideration it is due. This is a discipline I plan to continue; when I finish the Psalms I'll pick an Epistle of Paul, perhaps, and appreciate it as I ought to.

"May I learn from you, who are Truth, 
and may I put close to your mouth the ear of my heart..."

St. Augustine 

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