Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer Goals - When You Are Fourteen

I have noticed that days make themselves wings and fly away. Lazy summer days are an especially flighty sort. A flighty sort that calls for a certain amount of goal setting, lest we miss an open opportunity because we are too busy sitting on the couch. You've been busy in that way too, haven't you?

When I mentioned to Ally that I thought she ought to form some summer goals, she had already made a long list. I was impressed and saw no reason to ask anything more of her. Her summer goals:
  • Sew her first quilt, all by hand. (Personally I consider this nothing short of torture, but these are Ally's goals.)
  • Type up recipes and organize a recipe notebook.
  • Compete in the Bible Bee.
  • Read books. A rather extensive reading list, too long to be finished. Beginning, and ending, no doubt with Dickens.
  • Fit in 300 hours of drawing.
  • Mow the soccer fields with her father and earn a dollar or two.
  • Use those hard earned dollars to spend one glorious week visiting old friends.
Today we were out and about in the real world, far from this sleepy, small town. We bought supplies. We stocked up on the stuff goals are made of, and here she is tonight already at work on her first quilt.

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